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A: I agree with the 110-120/70. Don’t get stuck on the age thing, your son is tall for his age and morbidly obese for his age. One of the causes of your son’s high BP could be his weight and that needs to be addressed immediately. As the doctor said above, there could be an endocrine problem and thus he should probably see an endocrinologist. Unless your little boy (and 13 seems awfully young to be having some drastic health issues such as this) wants a life full of medicines, doctor visits and health issues, he is going to need to get a little of this weight off as quickly as he can. I believe seeing an endocrinologist first to rule out any type of thyroid issues or growth hormone issues is paramount and then ask him to help work out a diet and exercise plan that your son can live with. As his weight comes down, his blood pressure will most likely normalize. Good luck to you both.

Q: What is the normal blood pressure for me?
I know that normal blood pressre varies with age, height, and weight. Does anyone know any sites that would tell me what my specific blood pressure should be? I am 23 year old female, 5 feet tall and weighs about 115lbs. Any help would be appreciated!

A: Normal blood pressure for full grown adults is about 120/80. If your’s is a lot higher or lower, you can go to the doctor. He will take a reading and can tell you if your pressure is normal. Also, if it isn’t, you’re already at the doctor’s, so you can begin treatment right away.

Q: What is the normal blood pressure and pulse for a 17 year old girl?
I have a medical condition that requires me to take my blood pressure after laying down for 5 minuets and then take it again after standing for 2 minuets. What is the normal blood pressure and pulse for that? My example is laying down 111/67 with a pulse of 76 and then standing 126/76 with a pulse of 105. Is this normal for my pulse to jump like that?

A: You have got “Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome”.
Both blood pressure readings are normal. Optimal BP is less than 120/80 mmHg. Your systolic blood pressure (126 mmHg) is under prehypertension stage. But your pulse rate while in standing position is a bit high. Resting pulse rate should not exceed 100 beats per minute.

Q: What is the normal blood pressure for a 13 year old?
My son’s blood pressure varies from 97-64 to 116-85. He is 5′5″ and weighs 150. Is the blood pressure normal?

A: Yeah it’s normal. BP can change pretty quick. Just taking your BP sitting vs standing can make a difference.

Q: What is Normal Blood pressure and does it vary with exercise and other activities?
Also, is a blood pressure of 108/74 considered normal?

A: Yes that’s a good blood pressure – very typical. During a workout of course your blood pressure will change. If you are concerned about your blood pressure while on the treadmill you should consult your doctor.

Q: What is a normal blood pressure for a 15 year old female?
Im 15 years old approximately 175lbs and 5′9 and i just now took my blood pressure and its 138 over 91. Is that normal?
I have also gotten higher than this i check every week or so.. what should i do to fix it?

A: That is considered high. Any number of things can affect blood pressure, so one high reading isn’t something to get too excited about. Check it periodically over the course of several days, if it is consistently high, try to see your doctor about it.

Q: What is a normal blood pressure for a 14 year old male?
Hey, I’m a 14 year old male and recently had basal pneumonia(lower lung). Since the illness I have been extremely concerned about dying and my health. I tested my blood pressure the other day and it was 119/63 with a pulse of 71 is this normal for me. Also im in very good shapeabout 5′10 145 pounds if that has anything to do with it. Thanks.

A: Hi Curtis..

Please…if you have any concerns check with your doctors.

Much better to get a proper medical opinion that you ask on Yahoo Answers as the doctors has to take any medical conditions into account.

I suspect having been sick you may be sick of doctors…but it is the best way to find out.

Good luck…

Q: what is the normal blood pressure of a person age 37 and above?
gud day im 37years old and always check my blood pressure which is 110/70 but i feel dizzy or some kind of a drunk it normal on my age to have that blood pressure?

A: See the link below. Scroll down to the chart titled: Categories for Blood Pressure Levels in Adults
It says a normal adult (age 18+) blood pressure should be less than 120/80. So that puts you in pretty good shape. Some say that if your systolic pressure drops below 90 or your diastolic pressure drops below 60 you have low blood pressure. But really, you are just fine at least for this reading.

Fluid build-up or infection in the inner ear can cause a balance problem and/or make you dizzy and nauseous

Q: When my blood pressure is normal, does that mean that my cholesterol level is good?
I always have had a normal blood pressure which is 110/80. I know I need to have a blood test to be certain of my cholesterol count. But forgive me as I am scared… I’m still gathering strength to do that soon! Thank you.

A: No, the two do not go together.

However, Cholesterol is an issue because when blood vessels get damaged, a kind of scab forms that is made from cholesterol. These scabs tend to block blood flow.

If your blood pressure in “normal” then the chances that your arteries will get damaged is lower, so the chance that these kind of scabs will form is also lower.

Q: What is the normal blood pressure range?
what is the normal blood pressure range for a 9 yr. old girl I am 9 and mine is like, 100 over 80 is that above below or normal range?

A: Your blood pressure is absolutely normal.The normal level is 120/80 & yours is within that range so it is absolutely normal .You are to young to think about this thing

Q: What is normal blood pressure and does it vary with exercise?
Is a blood pressure of 108/74 normal?

A: Yes, that blood pressure is okay. And yes, blood pressure will vary with exercise, stress, etc.

Q: Does your normal blood pressure change after a heart attack?
After you have a heart attack does ur blood pressure go back to normal? Or does it stay really high? I know during a heart attack ur blood pressure goes up, but does it stay that way a few days after a heart attack?

A: A person’s blood pressure following a heart attack may be initially high because they are having severe pain. Remember a part of the heart muscle has been destroyed but the goal is to control the BP quickly with the medications .. Some patients present with low blood pressure which will also require treatment. Following a heart attack it is very important that a patients blood pressure and heart rate is brought under control with medications as the goal is to control the size of the heart attack from the very moment the patient presents into the emergency department, then to prevent another one from reoccurring.

Q: How many strokes/Heart attacks happen in people with normal Cholesterol and blood pressure levels?
I understand people with High cholesterol or high blood pressure have a much increased chance of having a stroke or heart attack, but how many people have strokes/heart attacks that have completely normal blood pressure levels and normal cholesterol levels? In percentages…

A: “Michael M” is a person with no medical/scientific training who posts inaccurate statements about cholesterol & heart disease.

Cholesterol is ONE factor in heart disease, not the only one.
When I did cardiology, we would sometimes see these patients come in with an MI. We’d often send a blood sample off for NMR (nuclear spectography) for particle size analysis.

Q: What is a normal blood pressure reading for an 11year old?
What is a normal blood pressure reading for a 68 pound 11 year old girl?

A: syst. 90-100

d. 65-60

same for athletes. that is what the above chart says.

Q: What is a normal blood pressure for a pregnant woman, when should we worry?
Our doctor told us today that my wife’s blood pressure is a bit high. The way he said it made me worry, I have been reading all about pre-eclampsia but the books say nothing about the normal range. Also my wife has a low lying placenta, can these two be linked at all?
thanks for any help you can give.

A: high blood pressure for a pregnant woman is 140/90, I honestly can’t remember what the normal range is exactly but if I recall correctly it’s something like 110/75 – 140/90. Please don’t quote me on that as I’m not a medical professional just a mum. During my pregnancy I developed pre eclampsia right at the end of the pregnancy and in the weeks leading up to it the drs commented once or twice that my blood pressure was a bit high and this was for 135/80 and 130/90 and the likes. I do remember one midwife telling me that it is the bottom number (the 90) that is of more concern then the top one. Your dr will probably want to monitor your wife a bit more regularly to keep an eye on it, but sometimes a pregnant woman can have a slightly high blood pressure and there’s no problem. I don’t know much about low lying placentas or if there’s any link between the two, but can tell you that along with high blood pressure some other pre eclampsia symptoms are bad headaches and seeing black spots in front of your eyes, protein in your urine, pain in the upper right of your abdomen and alot of swelling. Try not to worry yourself silly as it could very well be nothing. Unfortunately it’s all in the hands of fate and the dr’s it can’t be prevented. Good luck and I hope all goes well. Hopefully this helped you some

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