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A: Here’s what happened one time when I had my blood pressure read. When the nurse told me the numbers, I asked her to try again since with those numbers I would either have to be dead or in a coma! She took it again on the other arm, and the numbers came up, but I still think she didn’t know how to read it correctly.
To answer your question, I don’t think you can always trust these readings. Also, your blood pressure can go up and down significantly within a few moments, so it’s important not to place too much trust in any one isolated reading. The best thing is to have a healthy lifestyle.

Q: In preeclampsia during pregnancy, is it common for your blood pressure readings to be inconsistent?
I am 36 weeks pregnant and being monitored on bedrest for possible preeclampsia as of one and a half days ago. My blood pressure readings are sort of all over the place, the highest I’ve had were 141/87 and 137/96. Im a little confused because on both of the readings, only one of the numbers have been alarming ( anything over 140/90 is considered hypertensive.) Anyone with preeclampsia experiences know anything about this? thanks!

A: Yes, there are always normal fluctuations in blood pressure, and these can be even more pronounced if you have preeclampsia, or if you are borderline and heading that way.
The BPs you stated are actually very close — in the same range, and slightly elevated.

After lying on your left side for half an hour, your blood pressure may be completely normal. Then if you decide to go rushing around cleaning, it may shoot up very high, and very quickly. That’s why it is so important to maintain bedrest, if that’s what they are telling you to do. It really can help! a loIt also depends on your lab tests, how bad your edema is, and how much protein is in your urine. Bed rest helps these effects, too.
Good luck!

Q: What happens at MEPS once i return with BUMED Waiver Blood pressure Readings?
I had high blood pressure the first time I went to MEPS but passed all other Medical exams; When I go back to Meps a month later, with my new three consecutive Readings that are within the standards, will I have to retake all the Medical exams I already passed over again or will I just retake the Blood Pressure Test so I can Process?

A: Probably just the blood pressure, but every meps does things a little differently. Also, if you are going back more than a month later they will have to re-check your height/weight to make sure you are still in compliance.

Q: Does anyone know of a website that allows you to watch blood pressure readings and guess the results?
I’m in an LNA class and our teacher showed up this website today where you can watch different blood pressure readings and then enter in what you thought the reading was and it lets you know whether or not your wrong. PLEASSSE someone…. I cant find it anywhere..

A: I am not sure, have you tried any ‘youtube’ videos

Just wanted to add one more thing, you really can’t guess b/p by looking at them, you have to ‘listen’ for them with a stethoscope, best thing to do would to get one, and practice on other people.

Q: What do blood pressure readings actually mean?
For example if someones blood pressure was 140/90, what does the 140 mean and what does the 90 mean? And how do you get that reading?

A: The top number (systolic – when the heart beats) and the bottom number (diastolic – when the heart rests) measure the force that your heart is using when it sends blood through the artery walls. High blood pressure means your poor little heart is working too hard. 140/90 is considered high normal. You don’t want to go over that.

Q: How do the blood pressure readings work?
My blood pressure was 140 over 90 yesterday,Doc said this is ok but what exactly do the numbers mean ?
Thank you

A: The top number, which is called the systolic pressure, shows the pressure in your arteries when your heart is forcing blood through them. The bottom number, called the diastolic pressure, shows the pressure in your arteries when your heart relaxes.

Q: Can Zen Meditation or Yoga improve my blood pressure readings?
I am currently borderline after stopping my blood pressure medication 2 months ago(it was too low). Now my reading are often in the range of 145/92. It is a nervous and stress related blood pressure. I am very emotional and anxious. I am 47 and vegan.

A: Meditation can do wonders for you! It matters not what you decide to focus on, just as long as it remains your center. Find your center, and you can become grounded and focused in any situation. I, too, suffer from anxiety and have found daily meditation to be a wonderful addition to my life. When thoughts enter your mind while meditating, it is best to lightly acknowledge them, then continue focusing. I hope you can get it down to a nice 130/80! God bless.

Q: When the number between the diastolic and systolic blood pressure readings grows, what does that indicate?
I’m a retired RN but I cannot remember what it means when the number increases between the diastolic and systolic pressures. I remember in nursing school that the number between the two was significant of something. I just don’t remember what. My blood pressure used to be around 110/70. Now it’s more like 165/68. That’s from 40 to 97. Any thoughts at all?

A: The number doesn’t matter. All that matters is the difference between numbers. you have jumped from 110 to 165. that’a pretty alarming. 68 or 70 is OK.. Get your blood pressure checked on four other occasions. If id remains in the range of 160-170, start taking medications like diuretics or ACE inhibitors. Decrease salt intake and Fat consumption. Go for morning exercise daily (moderate). Better see a doctor before starting with medications.

Q: What is the meaning of low blood pressure readings?
Recently a relative of mine was admitted into the hospital because her blood pressure had plummeted tremendously. Her BP reading was 22/17. She was not yet flatlined but there was no movement in the heart moniter either and the nurses and doctors said she died or would die and there was nothing they could do. However, she did wake up and her bp stabalized, the doctor said it was impossible and he couldnt believe the reading (the reading wasnt a mistake either because he checked), basically he was astonished she lived so were the nurses. I have been looking online but no website that i can find clearly tells you what that bp reading means, they say the minimum for low bp is something like 90/60 or 100/60, i cant find anything about 22/17. Does anyone know what that reading means ? (yes i know it was dangerously low or impossible but i mean anything else? ) thanks in advance

A: I also can’t believe that she managed to survive with that very low blood pressure. I also remember when i had like 53/37 blood pressure and i was still talking and walking. But there was a reason why my blood pressure was such.

I am just wondering if your relative has had an arrythmia at that time. I also wonder if she is septic or has an overwhelming infection. There are a lot of reasons you can actually point out but I’m sure there are always cases that you can;t explain.

Q: Blood pressure readings which is the most important and why after taking medication to?
control it my readings are still high. And is exercise the best way to control hypertension
very healthy diet but overweight and need to upi the anit where exercise is concerned but I find it difficult because I get breathless very easily because of respritory problems. However, I do not dwell on these and intend to up my daily regime of walking
170/80 is the average reading

A: Hello, number 1 advice is to reduce the intake of salt in the foods that you are taking, because salt increases the retention of Sodium and water in the body causing increase of the blood pressure, your systolic blood pressure is high and by incrementing exercises and eating more green salads, green vegetables and fish it will help to solve this problem at certain degree. If you haven’t seen a Doctor, I think that it is a good time for it, he/she may prescribes you some medications if you can’t control your high blood pressure on your own. The Doctor can also send you for a 24 hrs Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring so the Cardiologist can determinate according to the results or he could indicate another test for finding the answer to your high blood pressure disorder. Hopefully this information has been helpful to your questions and inquires. Good Luck

Q: Which is worse for blood pressure readings ?
If blood pressure reading is more than 40pts differeny in systolic and diastolic, is it worse to be less or more ? As an example, would it be worse to have a reading of 150/140 or 160/110 ?

A: friend,

yur figures are not really have to control them.

120/80 is the ideal figure.

The upper value goes on changing with age and body constitution (obesity) .

The upper value is acceptable, as some doctors here say if it is 90+your age.Suppose you are 50 , 90+50= 140 is acceptable.
But the lower value shall NEVER CROSS 100.May be 95 is the upper limit.You have to maintain that.

That is what i gathered from some freinds who know about this.Please CONSULT A PHYSICIAN for medical opinion.

I am not a doctor and I say what I learn from others.

Q: Why do blood pressure readings vary so much in such a short period of time?
Just got back from longs and used their blood pressure checker. First reading was a little alarming at 133/91. Then about 30 seconds later I ran it again and it came out a nice cool 114/82. Same thing happened at the doctors office a few months back. Nurse gets me when I first come in and it’s like 140/?. Then not five minues later the doctor does the same test (different device) and it comes out normal 120 over something. What gives?

A: stress effects it a lot.. maybe you were more stressed the time it was higher.. also, if you are walking around right before you take it, it will be higher than if you rest a bit before taking it..

Q: Is my anxiety attacks giving me inacurate blood pressure readings?
Im a health phobic today my blood pressure what very boarderline high but im not sure if the machine was working correctly, My usual is 125/75 normal. I have no heart conditions at all. I worry rediculously at times but there are times when i dont worry at all. Not On Meds dont need them i just need some info.

My family has hypertension in it
Can Anxiety attacks cause high blood pressure ?
I am overweight but very healthy

Im 16male

A: Excess weight can elevate blood pressure.
I think that if we have anxiety most of the time our blood pressure can remain elevated and not return to normal quite as easily.
You might want to buy a blood pressure monitor for at home.
Good Luck.

Q: Anybody here understand blood pressure readings?
I am 42 years old. My resting blood pressure is 111/54. Is that good? What health problems could an unusually low diastolic reading mean?

A: The clear trend from double blind clinical trials has increasingly been that lower BP is found to result in less disease”.

Q: What do you think of a fairly strange range in blood pressure readings?
I went to the pharmacist after taking 4 readings in about 10 minutes. The pharmacist reset the machine and took her own bp, saying the machine was fine. My readings were:

A: Nah depends on a lot. The average is 120/80. But I am 30, nonsmoker and 125 pounds and you’re readings are identical to mine.

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